Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wolverine #41 & #42

Didn't have any comics coming through my subscription this week so I went over to the bargain bin and searched for something that looked interesting. I came across Wolverine #41 & #42 among some other comics (a couple of shitty Nightwing comics from a couple of years ago, The Avengers #280, and the hardcover for the Onslaught 2 crossover).

Both issues were written by Larry Hama of G.I Joe fame. They take place in the middle of a storyline where Donald Pierce has created two androids, one taking on the form of a little girl, Elsie Dee, and one taking on the form of Logan, Albert. Initially both androids were supposed to kill Logan but after seeing that Logan was willing to risk his life for Elsie Dee, she could not detonate herself. Forge examines her to see if he can remove the bomb from Elsie Dee but he cannot. Meanwhile Albert hijacks a stealth fighter and him and Logan duel. While they're fighting F-16s blow up the stealth fighter. #41 opens with Jubilee and Forge looking for Logan in the wreckage.

Elsie Dee finds Logan who is passed out in the sewers. When she sees that "Wogan" isn't waking up she runs for help. She ends up stomping on Sabretooth's face, who was just crushed by Caliban of the Morlocks (New Mutants Vol. 1 #91). Elsie Dee informs him that Logan is in the sewers, unaware of their past, and Sabretooth goes and tries to find Logan.

Meanwhile it's raining outside. The same Morlocks who beat the shit out of Sabretooth are getting flooded in the streets, they decide to pump the water back into the sewers, the sewers that Logan and Sabretooth are in.

They end up fighting, Logan has flashbacks of Silverfox, and Sabretooth keeps telling Logan that Sabretooth is in fact Logan's "Daddy" (wut).

At the end of the issue Albert wakes up from the depths of the river.

Marc Silvestri is the artist and he does a pretty good job. If you were only looking at the cover of Wolverine #42 you wouldn't be able to tell thought. Sabretooth looks like the cowardly lion on steroids.

#42 opens with Elsie Dee begging Cable (who stayed behind to make sure Sabretooth was dead after the New Mutants and Morlocks left) to blast the door open to save Logan. Cable refuses saying that he'll drown if he opens the door. Elsie Dee pops her head off and throw it like a tennis ball at Cable, steals his gun, and blows the door open.

The flood waters coming rushing in and all four of our characters are trapped against "Gate 23" that the Morlocks just closed to stop the flooding in their slum. Cable goes to kill Elsie Dee (I know she's an android but... can anyone really justify having him watch over Hope after this?) but Logan stops him. All four characters will die if the Dam isn't lifted. Elsie Dee decided to sacrifice herself to save Logan. She uses the same bomb that was supposed to destroy Logan to blow up the Dam. Before she does that she takes off her head and throws it off to the others, then explodes.

In the meantime Forge has Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D look for Wolverine, they eventually find them after seeing the explosion at the Dam. Elsie Dee's batteries are going to run out and her memory is on the brink of being erased forever. She tells Logan that it's okay that her memory can be erased because she now knows what having a true friend feels like. While this is happening Sabretooth (who was brought on board the helicopter that rescued the crew) breaks out of his shackles and attacks Logan. Elsie Dee ends up bighting Sabretooths head, which somehow makes him jump out of the helicopter.

Back on the helicopter Logan is all "Wtf?" to Nick Fury about Sabretooth claiming to be his father. Nick explains that it's false but that Sabretooth really thought that he was Logan's father.

Meanwhile in the water,Sabretooth is about to crush Elsie Dee's head when Albert comes and saves her. Before her memory goes out he charges her battery to give her life.

Overall I thought it was an okay pick up. You can't really beat 50 cents and I needed something to read and keep my mind off of finals. The cover for #42 though... sheesh.

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