Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Might As Well Get Used to It

Whether you're in love with the trade or not, it's done with and it's time to accept what is now your new New York Knicks. D'Antoni's offense has been known to boost players statistics so hopefully he can turn Melo into the top ten player that many people think he's not.

Hopefully Melo's performance and the talk of the Knicks actually getting a 1st AND a trade exception in the deal help swallow the bitter pill that is the possibility of Isiah Thomas back in the organization calling shots.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Odd Future Conundrum

Preface: I enjoy OFWGKTA.

Even though the first single that I purchased was Puff Daddy and the Family "Been Around the World" I didn't really start getting into hip hop until Kanye dropped "College Dropout." Kanye on more than once occasion on his blog has linked back to Nah Right and other music aggregators. From sites like Nah Right I was able to immerse myself into hip hop culture whether it be through other aggregators like 2dopeboyz, old school hip hop bloggers like Dart Adams at Poisonous Paragraphs,and hip hop culture blogs like Dallas Penn. After going to each of these sites they introduced me to even more sites, and now I feel pretty educated on most things hip hop from 1990 to the present.

What I'm wondering is, if OF gets big within the next eight years and they get a big enough following and the OF label stretches over more artists, how will the chanting of "Fuck Nah Right", "Fuck 2dopeboyz" and pretty much "Fuck Bloggers" effect the future of hip hop culture. How will kids who didn't grow up in the early 90's where record stores were abundant and radio was still decent be able to get educated on old school hip hop and the culture behind it? Or will the attitude of fuck oldheads, fuck that music, this is new and this is now take over?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My starting five >>>>>>


I took Charles spot and didn't draft anyone that he did. Here's my team. Not saying this is what I think are my top ten players of all time, I'm just saying that I think this is the best team that I could create taking into consideration everyone else's picks.

1.Shaq C
2.Magic Johnson PG
3.Lebron James SF
4.Bob Pettit PF
5.Dirk Nowitzki SF
6.Dwayne Wade SG
7.Amare Stoudemire PF
8.Neil Johnston C
9.Kevin Johnson PG
10.Elton Brand SF

Starting Five: 1. Magic 2. Wade 3. Lebron 4. Pettit 5. Shaq